Facility Access

How to get access to a facility part of the ECCSEL Research Infrastructure

ECCSEL provides two types of access to its RI:

Standard Access

Standard access is funded by using own funding of the researcher. This comes for example from the organisation or institute he works for or from a national, EU or international project funding.

Applications can be made for any of the facilities included (nationally and internationally)


Who can apply: Anyone from anywhere in the world

For which facility: Any facility which is part of the ECCSEL RI


Free access funded by EU's H2020 Infradev-3 funded ECCSELERATE project.

No free access is currently available. The Infradev-3 project ECCSELERATE with funding for transnational access started January 2020 with 2 calls for access. The access calls have been delayed due to the Corona travel and facility access restrictions: One call is expected to be announced in Q1 2021 and the second one in Q1 2022. 

We also plan to apply for further funding in the future. 

Instructions: How to apply for access

Application process for Standard Access

  1. Register / login 
  2. Search for the relevant facility under 'Offer' 
  3. It is advisable to talk to the facility contact before applying for access to discuss suitability, availability and special requirements.
  4. Click on the star at the right top corner of the facility to add it to the wish list (multiple facilities can be selected)
  5. Click on 'Submit your application' in top right on the main menu bar
  6. Enter the project details in the online form (you can save an application and resume completing the application later)
  7. Submit the application


Application process for "free" EU H2020 Infradev-3 project funded access

The H2020 Infradev-3 project has ended. Currently, no free access is available.

When more funding becomes available in the future, we will launch Transnational Access calls on this website, using social media and electronic publications and by e-mail.

Facilities available for free Transnational Access funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme

The H2020 Infradev-3 project has ended. No free access is currently available.

When more funding becomes available in the future, we will publish here the research facilities included in the calls for free Transnational Access.

Selection criteria

Research Project Selection criteria
The selection of the proposal and the allocation of the facility to prospective users during the Transnational Access Programme will be performed by a Peer Review Committee composed of experts nominated by the General Assembly and will consist of:

  •          The Project Coordinator
  •          An internal Scientific Group from relevant partners (2-3 members)
  •          External Advisors from Industry, Academia and Research Institutions (3 members)

Evaluation of the Transnational Access project proposals will be made in accordance with the ECCSEL principles (scientific quality, relevance, and uniqueness) and selection criteria of which a summary is given below.

Projects will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  •          Technology Readiness Level (reviewed through Innovation Management Tool)
  •          Level of Research and the extent to which the proposal will produce new knowledge
  •          Scientific Merit (Originality, Innovation, Methodology, State of the art)
  •          Feasibility, Relevance
  •          Dissemination of results
  •          Ethical Perspective
  •          Environmental Impact
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