SINTEF Energy Research (SINTEF ER)

SINTEF Energy Research delivers research-based systems and services that generate value for our clients, both in Norway and worldwide. SINTEF Energy Research is part of the SINTEF Group, which is one of Europe's largest independent research centres. SINTEF is an independent and non-commercial organisation.

SINTEF group has 2100 employees and is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia.

SINTEF Energy Research (240 employees) has a wide expertise within the field of energy research and has been involved in projects related to CCS technologies since 2001. SINTEF ER will (if funded) coordinate and manage the Horizon 2020 project CEMCAP, building on previous experiences from EU FP6 and FP7 projects (ENCAP, Dynamis, DECARBit, ECCO, IMPACTS). SINTEF ER is also the host of the BIGCCS international CCS centre, which, among other topics, cover research on CO2 capture from industry and power generation. SINTEF ER also has decades of experience related to low temperature gas processing (LNG, liquid H2, LN2, and liquid CO2), which is highly relevant for the membrane-assisted CO2 liquefaction technology to be investigated in WP4.2. SINTEF ER also has a long experience in benchmarking (in CEMCAP referred to as comparative techno-economic analysis) of power processes for CO2 capture, both in the now concluded BIGCO2 project and through the participation in the European Benchmarking Task Force (collaboration between FP7 projects DECARBit, CAESAR and CESAR).

SINTEF Energy Research has a leading role in ZEP and EERA JP CCS and will contribute to the coordination with these and other CCS related organizations.

The mission of SINTEF Energy Research is to "shape tomorrow's energy solutions". Their ten areas of focus contribute towards the transition to, and achievement of, future, sustainable, energy systems:

  • Energy efficiency
  • CCS
  • Hydropower
  • Offshore windfarms
  • Bioenergy
  • System integration of renewable energy
  • SmartGrids
  • Power exchange between Norway end Europe
  • Gas technology, LNG and hydrogen
  • Subsea power supply and processing

In close collaboration with NTNU, SINTEF Energy Research has access to more than 12,000 m2 of advanced research facilities in our laboratories. This includes the new SINTEF Energy Lab located in Trondheim.