Reliable and robust predictions of storage capacity are fundamental to the efficient and safe demonstration of, and ultimately the longer-term deployment of, CCS technologies.

Identification of potential storage sites, with risk-based estimates of storage capacity, allow policy-makers to determine the extent that CCS might contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions at national and European levels, as well as the timing of, and route to, achieving initial demonstration and subsequent wider deployment to maximize optimal use of the storage resource. Individual storage sites require accurate estimates of storage capacity to provide robust assessments of both the technical and financial business case for the site.”


ECCSEL Facilities can be used to investigate a wide range of CO2 storage related research areas including:

  1. Assessments of the suitability and capacity of potential underground CO2 storage sites.
  2. Potential geochemical interactions of injected CO2 with the surrounding rocks.
  3. How injected CO2 affects the geomechanical properties of the storage site.
  4. Developing storage site monitoring technologies and integrated monitoring strategies to demonstrate safe and effective storage.
  5. Assessment of long-term site performance, including evaluating the significance and possible impact of unwanted migration from the reservoir.
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