CO2 DataShare launches digital data sharing portal
4 February 2020

CO2 DataShare launches an online, digital platform for sharing reference datasets from pioneering CO2 storage projects. This can contribute to even more cost-effective and secure CO2 storage.

Illustration: Equinor and SINTEF

Research and development activities in the field of CO2 storage are often hampered by the lack of access to data from actual storage projects. Experience in sharing data from Sleipner shows the effect this data sharing has had on increasing knowledge and also international acceptance of CO2 storage.

– Since the start of 2018, the CO2 DataShare project has had ambitions to continue to expand the concept internationally. We believe this will be of great importance for international dissemination of knowledge and acceptance for carbon capture and storage (CCS), says Kari-Lise Rørvik of Gassnova.

CO2 DataShare has received financial support from Gassnova/Climit Demo and the US Department of Energy (DOE), which increases the likelihood that results will be applied internationally.

Read the press release from SINTEF

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